What do we need from you, when you order payslips?

Is your company registered as an employer?

Before we can make payrolls and salaries for the first time for your employees, your company must be registered to have employees. In Danish this type of registration is called “arbejdsgiverregistrering”. It is an additional registration, to an already existing VAT registration. You can check on the tax office website SKAT Erhverv, if your company is registered as an employer. If you are not registered as an employer, we can help you with this.

Register in a payroll system

We will need to register you in a payroll system. Usually, we recommend to use Danløn, because they have an easy user interface, but Bluegarden is also quite popular. Our own favourite is Danløn, and this text therefore will use Danløn as the choice. It takes around 1-2 weeks to create a Danløn account, so don’t leave it until the last minute, or your employees won’t receive their salaries on time. If you are late and don’t start creating Danløn at least 1-2 weeks before the salaries are due, then you can solve the “emergency” by paying out an estimated amount first to the employees, and then later once the payrolls are done, adjust the amount which they were paid. But it can quickly become a mess.

Information we need in order to create a Danløn account for you

We need the following information relating to the company:

– company VAT-number (CVR)
– registration and account number for the company bank account

Contracts that needs a signature from you

When we create a Danløn account, then you receive 2 contracts, which needs to be signed by you:

– Contract with Danløn
– OS02-contract with NETS

The contract with Danløn needs to be signed by you, and then sent to Danløn.

The OS02-contract needs to be signed by you, and then sent to your bank councellor.

Deadline for sending payroll information for salaries

Payroll information should be delivered to Dania Accounting as soon as possible each month, in order for us to make the payslips. Preferably we’d like to receive the payroll information latest by the 20th of each month.

Special information for hourly paid employees
This deadline on the 20th each month, means that hourly paid employees, should not be offered the calendar month as their salary period. There is simply not a enough time to count hours from the 1st to the 31st, because it leaves no time to make a payslip. We recommend that you calculate the hours from the 15th to the 14th of each month, so you’ll have about a week to submit the information to us (this only goes for hourly paid employees).

What information do you need to send regarding new employees?

We need the following information relating to all new employees:

– name of the employee
– address of the employee
– CPR-number of the employee
– sort code (reg) and account number of the employees bank account
– which tax card we are to use (“hovedkort”, “bikort” or “frikort”)
– contract of employment

NB: If you have not made a contract of employment, then you need to inform us, if the employee is hired under the rules of a “funktionær” or a “ikke-funktionær”, otherwise we are unable to calculate holidays correctly. Remember the a contract of employment is required by law. Failing to have a contract of employment, can end up in a big fine.

What information do you need to send regarding the payroll when ordering salaries?

We need the following information relating to the payroll:

– salary period
– amount of hours worked
– rate per hour (for hourly paid employees)
– gross salary (for full time employees)
– fringe benefits (free usage of telephone, free usage of car, lunch and more)

Do you have any questions to payslips?

Please send us an email: info@daniaaccounting.com

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