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What Accounting and Payroll Services do we offer Corporate clients?

Dania Accounting provides accounting services, payroll services, and other services to corporate clients based in Denmark. We ensure your accounting remain efficient, accurate, streamlined and compliant. We work together with most of the major audit firms in Denmark (Martinsen, EY, KPMG, PwC, Beierholm).

If you need 20 hours or more of accounting per month we charge:
375 DKK + VAT per hour

What Accounting and Payroll Services do we offer Corporate clients?

What Accounting and Payroll Services do we offer Corporate clients?

For over 20 years, Dania Accounting has been providing accounting ad payroll services for corporate clients in Denmark.

Our main goal is to simplify and automate your accounting and payroll services at a lower cost than employing accounting staff.

This blog will highlight our areas of expertise in accounting and payroll services for corporate clients.

In a hurry?

Dania Accounting provides accounting and payroll services for corporate clients based in Denmark;

We ensure your accounting remains efficient, accurate, streamlined and compliant;

Who is Dania Accounting?

We have provided corporate clients with accounting and payroll services for over 20 years.

Why outsource your accounting to Dania Accounting?

There are many moving parts to corporate accounting and payrolls.

When outsourcing to Dania Accounting, you ensure you comply with the most recent Danish legislature and stay prepared for monthly reporting to management and annual audits.

We understand your challenges in keeping your company efficient and profitable, and we pride ourselves on helping you make better financial decisions year after year.

Here are just some of the reasons why our customers choose Dania Accounting


With over 20 years in the accounting world, we have gained a wealth of experience and wisdom when it comes to corporate accounting and payroll practices.

We also use the most current digital tools and strive to make your financial accounting more accurate and efficient.

Accounting software

Our team have experience from:




Microsoft Dynamics NAV;

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.


We customize the execution of our accounting and payroll services to each of our client’s specific requirements.


Our expertise and focus on Danish accounting and payrolls mean that we stay up-to-date on all financial account legislation in Denmark.

Our clients trust us to keep them in compliance with new laws and regulations so you can rest assured that your business is always compliant.


We use the latest technologies and workflows to minimize your time spent on accounting and payrolls.

We optimize your financial records and invoices for the digital age.

Reduced Risk

We use industry best practices to ensure your risk is minimized while profit is maximized.

What accounting and payroll services do we provide for corporate clients in Denmark?

Our accounting services are broken down into several categories:

1: Supplier Invoices

We book supplier invoices daily, weekly or monthly, depending on your requirements.

Supplier invoices are usually sent to us via email (f.ex. by using invoice-drop webmail) by you or the supplier directly.

Payments are made either manually or via automatic import to the internet banking system if your ERP systems allow this.

You approve all payments before making the transfers.

2: Sales invoices

We can offer to issue sales invoices for you.

We typically use ERP systems like e-conomic, SAP or Microsoft Dynamics to streamline your sales invoices and help you create templates for repetitive, subscription-based invoices.

3: Bank reconsiliation

We ensure that the bank is reconciled ongoing.

4: Asset registry

We ensure that the asset registry is updated.

5: Accruals and provisions

We ensure that accruals and provisions are updated.

6: Payroll

We prepare your payrolls using either Bluegarden or Danløn.

7: Preparation for audit

The far majority of our corporate clients have an annual audit.

If you need an annual audit, we can help you find an external auditor if needed.

We have existing cooperation with most of the major audit firms in Denmark:







8: Monthly or quarterly reviews

We offer all of our corporate clients monthly or quarterly reviews.

During this review, we will analyze the monthly PnL/balance and discuss any needed changes (accruals, provisions, etc.).

The monthly review is a wise investment to ensure the highest accountability.


Dania Accounting is here to serve you with all of your accounting requirements.

We pride ourselves on accuracy and transparent communication with our clients.

Navigate to our Contact us page and schedule a convenient time for you.

We look forward to serving you with all of your accounting needs.

Read more about our prices for corporate clients here

(Last update of this page: 14.10.2023)

Do you have any questions about our accounting and payroll services for corporate clients?