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3 good reasons to choose us

1You get a modern accountancy

We offer to conduct your accounting in one of the 3 most popular and modern accounting systems: e-conomic, Dinero or Billy’s Billing – all offering a 100% digital accounting solution with scanned invoices stored inside the systems as PDF. No more binders on the shelves. Our services include declaration of VAT, tax, annual reports, payslips and other relevant services.

2Fast and personal customer service

We are fast when responding to your emails and also we will quickly obtain a deep knowledge about your accountancy, giving you the answers you need. We are used to having english-speaking clients and we are more than happy to repeat information an extra time, understanding that the danish accounting and tax rules can be difficult sometimes.

3We have very competitive prices

Accounting fees are from 250 DKK to 395 DKK + VAT per hour, depending on what type of work we are conducting. For larger companies we are able to offer fulltime accountants and redundant solutions with a backup accountant. Payroll fees are from 150 DKK + VAT per employee. Annual report fees are from 1.995 DKK to 6.995 DKK + VAT per year.

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