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1You get a modern accountancy

We offer to do your accounting in one of the 3 most popular and modern accounting systems in Denmark: e-conomic, Dinero or Billy – all offering a 100% digital accounting solution with scanned invoices stored inside the systems as PDF. No more binders in the office. Our team offer a “full service” accounting package including Accounts Receivables, Accounts Payable, Bank Reconciliation, tax, VAT, reporting, annual reports, preparation for external audits, budgetting and payrolls.

2Quality, redundancy and transparency

All our employees have many years of experience with accounting. But even the best can make mistakes. Therefore we apply 3 different levels of quality control, depending on your requirement. From a “basic control” function to “4-eyes principles” to “6-eyes principles” with or without “internal audit”. We record instructions to complicated workflows on video, and we ensure that in addition to your primary accountant, that we also have a secondary accountant, who is ready to assist in case of holiday, illness or similar for redundancy. For transparency we register all time spent on a client, including when we worked, what we did for the client, and how many invoices or bank operations we handled in a given month.

3Fast and personal customer service

We are available on mail, chat and telephone at your convenience. The team is fast when responding to your inquiries. We answer 99% of our clients within the same working day.

4We have very competitive prices

Our accounting fees range from 250 DKK to 395 DKK + VAT per hour, depending on how many hours you need per month. Payroll fees from 150 DKK + VAT per employee per month. Annual reports from 1.995 DKK to 6.995 DKK + VAT per year. Preparation for external audits from 2.950 DKK + VAT. Budgets from 1.995 DKK + VAT.

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