4 important steps to follow after your new ApS is incorporated

After your new ApS is incorporated, then there are 4 important steps to follow.

If we incorporated the ApS for you, then we will assist you getting these 4 steps done correctly.

Step 1: Apply for a “NemID”

You will need a “NemID” for your company.

A “NemID” is a digital signature, which is used when you log into government websites, use internet banking systems and many other places online.

Your new “NemID” can be ordered here (click this link)

Unfortunately the website is only in Danish, so please let us know, if you need our help to apply for the “NemID”.

Step 2: Create a mailbox on “e-Boks”

All mails from the government to the company, is sent to a digital mailbox called “e-Boks”. Also some private companies will offer to send their mails here.

It works like a webmail, where you are able to read the mails after login. You login using the “NemID”.

Once you have the “NemID” for the company, you therefore will need to create the company “e-Boks”.

Create a mailbox on “e-Boks” (click this link)

Please let us know, if you need our help to create the “e-Boks”.

Step 3: Allocate a “NemKonto”

Once you have created a new bank account for the company, then we need to make sure, that your bank has appointed the new company bank account as the company “NemKonto”. A “NemKonto” is basically just the normal company bank account, that gets allocated a permission to act as “NemKonto”.

Having a “NemKonto” will enable refunds from the government (VAT, tax) to be transferred. Without a registered “NemKonto”, then refunds will wait for a bank account to be allocated as “NemKonto”. In other words:

No “NemKonto” = No refunds of VAT or tax.

Check if the company bank account is allocated the role of “NemKonto” (click this link)

You can also contact your bank, and ask them to confirm, that your company has a “NemKonto” allocated. If you do not have a danish bank account, then we are able to apply for using a foreign bank account as “NemKonto”. This is done on a special form.

Please let us know, if you need our help to check, if the company has a “NemKonto” allocated.

Step 4: Transfer the company equity from the lawyer

Once you have created a new bank account for the company, then the lawyer can transfer the equity capital to the company. This is the minimum 40.000 DKK required initial equity capital, that you deposited during the incorporation process to the lawyers client account.

Please send us this information about the new company bank account:

Bank name
Sort code
Account number

Then we will ask the lawyer to make the transfer to you.

If you have a foreign bank account, the equity capital can be transferred here also.

But the bank account has to be registered in the company name.

Should you have problems registering a traditional bank account, then we recommend using Revolut:

Link to the Revolut website

Please let us know, if you need our help getting the company equity transferred.

Do you have any questions to these 4 steps after your ApS is incorporated?

Please send us an email: info@daniaaccounting.com

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