Accounting in e-conomic

If you need to have access to your own financial system, then we recommend that you use e-conomic for your bookkeeping and accounting.

It gives you a wide range of benefits and opportunities as our accountant has the opportunity to do your bookkeeping, in the same system that you use to create your own sales invoices.

Your bookkeeping will be updated quickly and is much more informative for you.

e-conomic enables you to:

  • Make invoices to your customers in e-conomic
  • Send reminders to clients prepared in e-conomic by email in pdf
  • Calculate interests on late payments using e-conomic
  • Make statements ​​in e-conomic
  • Print statements from e-conomic
  • See entries from our accounting in e-conomic

Depending on requirements we can add a scanner package into e-conomic, where you scan your invoices to us and send them for bookkeeping via an e-mail address to e-conomic.

Then you do not need to send your invoices to us by post, when your have something that needs to be booked, and your records will be updated regularly in e-conomic by our bookkeeper.

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