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Price for incorporating a new ApS

Here you can find the price for incorporating a new ApS in Denmark.

Price for incorporating a new ApS

Price for incorporating a new ApS

Here we will describe the fees you can expect when incorporating a new ApS in Denmark.

Our fee for assisting you with incorporating a new ApS is 3.000 DKK + VAT.

During the process of incorporation, we also need a lawyer to confirm the deposit of the share capital into a bank account. Since the company does not yet have a bank account, the share capital deposit is made to a bank account belonging to the lawyer.

The fee for the lawyer is 1.198 DKK + VAT. Furthermore, if you have one or more non-resident shareholders or directors, the lawyer will add a 400 DKK + VAT fee for compliance work.

The fee for the Business Authority for incorporating the company is 670 DKK.

Your total costs for incorporating your new ApS, including the fee to Dania Accounting, the lawyer and the Business Authority, is 4.868 DKK + VAT if you do not have any non-resident shareholders or directors. If you have non-resident shareholders or directors please add 400 DKK + VAT to this price.

The full amount is prepaid to Dania Accounting before we start the incorporation process.

You will find our payment details here:

Bank: Nordea
Bank reg. no.: 2252
Bank account no.: 0747431973
IBAN: DK8520000747431973

You can open a bank account for the company once the ApS is incorporated.

The bank can be located either in Denmark or abroad.

After the bank account is open, the lawyer will transfer the share capital to the new bank account.

The share capital can be used to pay for company costs and does not have to be kept deposited into the bank account.

However, some rules need to be followed:

The share capital can only be used to pay for company costs.

Shareholders are not allowed to withdraw money from the company for private costs. That could be considered illegal and is also often heavily taxed.

If you have any questions regarding incorporating a new ApS, please feel free to contact us.

(Last update of page: 11.4.2022)

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