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Price for incorporating a new ApS

Here you can read more about the fees that relate to the incorporation of a new ApS in Denmark.

Price for incorporating a new ApS


Our fee for incorporating a new ApS: 2.000 DKK + VAT

Our fee for registering duties (VAT, employer, import, export etc.): 1.000 DKK + VAT

Fee paid to the government: 670 DKK (no VAT added)

Fee paid to the lawyer: 1.295 DKK + VAT

In total 4.965 DKK + VAT = 6.038,75 DKK

The equity capital is transferred to the company after incorporation

The required initial equity capital for the ApS of 40.000 DKK is transferred to the lawyers bank account for verification prior to incorporation.

The lawyer will deduct his fee (1.295 DKK + VAT), and the fee for the government (670 DKK) from the initial equity capital.

The remaining amount of 37.711,25 DKK will be transferred to the company’s new bank account, once you have opened a new company bank account. The bank account needs to belong to the new ApS.

You can spend the equity for company costs

You can then start using the equity capital for conducting business.

The money can be used to pay for costs etc., and does not have to be kept deposited into the bank account after the company incorporation has ended.

However there are rules that needs to be followed, in terms of what costs you can pay for.

F.ex. it has to be company costs – and owners are not allowed to withdraw money from the company account for themselves (well, technically they are – but they will be taxed very aggressively – so this is not advisable) – unless they being reimbursed for company costs they have paid, are receiving a salary or a dividend.

How to pay our fee

Our fee is paid directly to us prior to initiating the company incorporation by making a bank transfer:

Amount to transfer: 3.750 DKK

Bank: Nordea
Bank reg. no.: 2252
Bank account no.: 0747431973
IBAN: DK8520000747431973

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