Our accounting prices for large companies

Large companies, in our definition of the term, need 20 hours or more of accounting services per month.

Overview of prices:

20-79 hours per month: 295 DKK + VAT per hour

80 hours or more per month: 250 DKK + VAT per hour

Annual report and tax declaration: 1.995-6.995 DKK + VAT per year

Preparation for audit: 1.950-3.900 DKK + VAT per audit

Payroll service for 1 employee: 150 DKK + VAT per payslip

These hourly rates and prices require a minimum contractual period of 3 months, to the end of a calendar month.

Do you need less than 20 hours of accounting services per month?

If you need less than 20 hours of accounting services per month, then please click this link to read more about prices for small companies.

Not sure how many hours of accounting service you need?

If you are not sure how many hours of accounting services you need, then you can use this calculator to make an estimated price.

Annual report and tax declaration

We also produce your company’s annual reports and tax declarations, an annual service priced between 1.995 DKK and 6.995 DKK + VAT per year. The price depends on the complexity of the annual report.

What tasks can we help you with?

In addition to the “smaller client” services, we offer the option of hiring a controller to work alongside our accountants. This provides our clients with the added benefit of a managerial review of the accountant’s work.

We also assist our large companies in paying bills, reconciling the bank, and producing reports (KPI indicators, cash-flow reports, etc.). Moreover, we document the process of each service, outlining in detail how we work, so that our clients can follow the procedurals, step-by-step.

At the end of the year, we prepare the documentation for the annual audit. If the client has an auditor, we calculate the balance for the auditor; if they don’t, we produce the annual reports and tax declaration, ourselves. We reconcile all correctional bookings, including any loans or assets to be depreciated.

For both small and large companies, we offer payroll services, which can include a calculation of the holiday overview. We apply for government refunds if justified for employees who are training, take pregnancy or illness leave, or otherwise qualify for a refund.

For a more detailed description of the services we offer large clients, then we recommend to listen to our podcast.

If you are interested in our services, then please submit your details here here, and we will contact you as soon as possible.

You can read more about services that normally applies to large companies by clicking this link or you can watch the video here below:

Do you have any questions about accounting services for larger companies?

Please send us an email: info@daniaaccounting.com

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