Larger accountancy tasks

Larger accountancy tasks (+10 hours per week)

We offer you an economical, highly competitive accountancy solution in which all or some of your accounting staff work from our BPO accounting centre abroad.

You get access to low priced and skilled employees nearshore.

Simply rent your accounting solution from Dania Accounting and receive an invoice each month at the agreed upon rent.

We provide office space, training and daily management of your accountants abroad.

In short, a complete accounting solution – just abroad.

Our international BPO centres only hire skilled accounting employees.

We only employ accounting staff with the appropriate university-related education in finance, tax and accounting.

They typically have experience as bookkeepers, accountants and similar.
Our staff are all English speaking.
All accounting staff is trained in what a Danish accounting and bookkeeping project contains of routines and tasks.

Employees are offered weekly Danish language training, and we give them a good understanding of what a Danish company needs and what the requirements are for communication and performance.
Training in Danish VAT and tax rules are conducted by Danish employees.
Accountants and auditors are employed in our own BPO centre in Poland, where they also have their daily working place.

We ensure that the framework for the work is in place, ie. a modern, efficient office – both practically and socially, with computer, printer, internet etc.

The legal formalities regarding the employment is taken care of by us.
The social enviroment with other colleagues who also work for Danish companies, ensures a good synergy and knowledge sharing between employees.
Do you have a high-volume and resource-consuming bookkeeping that requires a permanent full- or part-time bookkeeper, then there are many interesting solutions abroad, which should always be considered in addition to or as a replacement for your existing Danish solution.
Typically, a combination with a Danish controller and a team of foreign accountants work very well.
There is a cash saving on the salaries of the bookkeepers, and you can therfore either increase your resources in the accounting department within your current budget, or benefit from savings elsewhere in your business.

It obviously requires daily management to be successful in outsourcing accountancy abroad.

We have 7 years of experience and Danish employees residing abroad, who on a daily basis manage and supervise your employees, in line with the framework you have set for us.
Our bookkeeping and accounting solutions is based on cloud ERP systems, but we also handle other types of collaborations, such as bookkeeping via a VPN connection up against a local ERP system. The way to connect to the ERP system is a formality, and agreed upon based on your desire for system and security.
We have extensive experience in bookkeeping in systems like Microsoft Dynamics, e-conomic and other well-known solutions.

Communication is carried out in English between company and employee. All accounting tasks is solved with the use of Danish (in writing) or English (in writing and speech).
There may well be arranged educational trips to Denmark, but online meetings via Skype is preferred (and is also by far the cheapest for you as a customer, when travel costs are minimized). We do not offer to deploy our employees to Denmark, as it typically makes the savings to you much less.
We use well-know logistical companies to coordinate any delivery across countries, creating the necessary security for your documents.
Invoices and documents are scanned and are available on a shared file server, or directly into the ERP system. Your Danish office becomes a modern paperless department.
What does an international accounting solution cost?

An example of a solution for long term rental (minimum 6 months) of an accountant for bookkeeping and accounting services:

Tasks included in the example:
• Recruitment of staff
• Interior and rental of a complete, modern office with all common facilities
• Training of employees in Danish bookkeeping, VAT and tax
• Licensing of financial, customer and vendor finance (e-conomic)
• License to scanner module (e-conomic)
• Training in ERP systems
• Scanning of all invoices, documents and papers
• Accounting of financial documents
• Making payments
• Export of payments to comma-delimited file
• Reconciliation of bank accounts
• Reconciliation of debtors
• Reconciliation of creditors
• Ongoing advice about missing invoices
• Declaring of VAT
• Preparation of payslips to employees
• Online access to account balances and access to specifications, etc.
• Reporting
• Daily management including registration of working hours, illness, etc.

Price from 100 DKK per hour + 25% VAT.

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