Do you need help with accounting?

Dania Accounting has experience from collaborating with over 1500 companies. This means that we have seen a little of everything. Our accountants are therefore very experienced at handling many forms of bookkeeping. We are used to cleaning up the accounts if needed, and we can do anything from a small accounting task to a complicated accounting task for a larger company. Either we can complete the bookkeeping in full, ie. that we book supplier invoices, pay invoices, send sales invoices, reminders, and statements to your customers, reconcile banks, customers and suppliers, or we can do parts of the bookkeeping. We have all kinds of solutions, depending on your needs. We use the 3 most popular accounting programs from: e-conomic, Dinero and Billy.

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Do you need help with your annual report and tax declaration?

Dania Accounting provide services relating to annuals report and tax declarations for both sole proprietorships and limited liability companies (ApS, IVS, A/S). We offer these services, regardless of whether we have made the accounting, or you have. However, we must have a reconciled income statement and balance from you, if you have completed your own accounting. We recommend that you use either e-conomic, Dinero or Billy for your accounting.

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Do you need help with payrolls?

Dania Accounting also provide services relating to payrolls and salaries. We make the payrolls. Make sure that salaries and employee taxes are paid on time. We update the employee’s holiday accounts. We submit reimbursement applications for leave of sickness, maternal leave, and we apply for refunds relating to employment of students and employees in training. We have templates for employment contracts as well, that you can use when hiring new employees. We use the payroll systems Danløn and Bluegarden.

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