About Dania Accounting

Dania Accounting is the choice for the small and medium-sized business, that want a professional accounting service in Denmark.

Our accountants help you choosing the correct accounting system and instruct you on how to submit your invoices for accounting.

We can either solve all or part of your accounting requirements including:

– Accounting services
– Payment of supplier invoices
– Invoicing of clients
– Sending reminders and statements to clients
– VAT registration with SKAT
– Preparing of VAT reports
– Declaring VAT
– Employer registration with SKAT
– Payrolls services
– Annual reports for sole proprietorships
– Annual reports for LTDs (Aps, IVS, A/S, Holding)
– Tax declaration
– Adjusting preliminary tax (forskudsopgørelse)
– Alcohol licenses for cafés and restaurants
– Establishing of LTDs (ApS, IVS, A/S, Holding)
– Closure of LTDs (ApS, IVS, A/S)
– Budgets for banks and others
– Reports to management and board of management

We also offer to rent full-time accounting employees to larger companies with an already existing accounting department. We offer access to affordable, modern and flexible solutions when the need for accounting services is large.

We help with accounting tasks, scanning of documents, preparation of tax records, financial statements, payrolls, tax returns, budgets, reporting and other relevant tasks. Our prices are generally competitive and our services are easy and simple to use.
We have extensive experience working with over 1.000 different companies over the past 11 years. The experience you get credited when you need help and guidance from us. Our total fee paid by the “small business” for accounting, financial statements and tax returns start at 9.295 DKK + VAT per year for a total solution.

For larger companies who want to hire part-time or full-time employees, depending on the location and what skills are required of course, the typical cost of a full-time employee is about 15.000 DKK per month + VAT in rent, including office etc.

Our customers include a large portfolio of advertising agencies, web-companies, clothes designers, photographers, consultants, guard and security companies, psychologists, therapists, interpreters, journalists, cafes, restaurants, bakeries, cafeterias, artisans, drivers, driving schools, hairdressers, bicycle shops, clothes shops, shoe shops, flower shops, drugstores, amusement arcades, shops, etc.

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