Price for establishing a new IVS:

Our fee for registering a new IVS: 2.000 DKK + VAT

Fee paid to the government: 670 DKK + VAT

Our fee for adding VAT and employer registration to the company registration, and for submitting the mandatory details about ownership of shares into the public registry of owners: 1.000 DKK + VAT

Fee for the lawyer: 0 DKK + VAT

In total 3.670 DKK + VAT = 4.587,50 DKK

The initial equity capital for the IVS (minimum 1 DKK) is paid in cash to the new company by the owners.

Our fee is paid directly to us, prior to initiating the company registration, by making a bank transfer to:

Amount to transfer to Dania Accounting: 4.587,50 DKK

Bank reg. no.: 2252
Bank account no.: 0747431973
IBAN: DK8520000747431973

If you have any questions to registering a new IVS, then please feel free to contact us.

You can find our contact information here:

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